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Charge Up Your Internal Culture Today

May has flown past just like that, and during this time, The Brand Theatre has been busy learning and sharing our Branding knowledge to many others at this year’s HR Summit 2016. This happened between 17 May to 18 May at Suntec City.

For those who couldn’t make it to watch Jerome speak live for his Internal Branding session, we’ll be sharing with you how to create your very own Branded Culture in 4 steps.

1. Research: Before embarking upon any undertaking, especially for Internal Branding, it is important to understand what your employees think and feel about your internal work culture and perceptions about your Brand.

2. Strategy: Map out your Branded Culture vision and how you’d like to achieve that vision. The most important thing is to make sure that vision is relevant to your employees.

3. Engagement: Once your Strategy has been created, do a follow through on that by developing an internal campaign that drives your newly crafted Internal Brand message home to your employees.

4. Training: Educate, align, reinforce and motivate your employees through workshops that impress the essence of your Strategy and Engagement tactics upon your employees.

Consider these pointers the next time you look into revitalising and creating an on-brand Internal Culture.

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