Branded Customer
Experience Management

Service Excellence by TBT:Culture focuses of on branded customer experiences. We provide end-to-end customer experience management consultation to impact service excellence​, at all stakeholder touch points while creating raving brand fans.


Do you know your customer experience strengths and weaknesses? Do you know how your employees behave and whether they are delivering an exceptional experience to your customers? In the Research stage, we apply our proprietary tools to gain insights need to transform your customers into raving fans.

  • Brand Love Tracker™ The Customer-Centric Tool
  • Stakeholder/Customer Engagement Research
  • Touchpoint Driver and Gap Analysis
  • Internal and External Communication Audit
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Mystery Shoppingch

To exceed customer’s expectation you need to plan all of your brand interaction points. With the insights generated in the Research stage, we design a stage for your brand to engage your customers through your employees.

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Service DNA
  • Touchpoint Experience Design and Mapping
  • Customer Expectation Mapping
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Service Design & Thinking
  • User Experience
  • Persona Mapping

Time to enact your branded customer experience strategy. Our award-winning brand coaches and facilitators will conduct our best-selling training programmes that are highly engaging, interactive, practical and fun.

  • Branded Customer Experience Workshop
  • Service Vision / Values Strategy Workshop
  • Touchpoint Mapping Workshop
  • Customer Loyalty Workshop
  • Customer Innovation Workshop
  • Persona Mapping Workshop

Underpin your branded customer experience through communications tools, programmes and metrics to help you measure your progress and remain steadfast in your progress towards a truly branded culture that delivers on your brand promise at every stakeholder touchpoint.

  • Training Reinforcement Tools and Modules
  • Ongoing Customer Experience Coaching
  • Customer Experience Tracking Research
  • Ongoing Employee Engagement Research
  • Customer Engagement Tools

We’ve helped many brands, ranging from Fortune 500 MNCs to SMEs and government organisations,
create impressive new brand performances.