The Brand Theatre -  Brand Marketing Human Capital Development Grant Singapore


Statistically, the economic projections for 2016 are bleak. All businesses are looking to cut back on spending and SMEs have gone into hiding, lying dormant to wait for a financial storm to pass. While most are bracing themselves for the worst, you can take this chance to dance in the rain. Because there are branding grants available in the market place that are meant to protect SMEs, while ensuring their business fundamentals grow during the storm.


These grants help businesses revamp their brand strategy to become more agile for overseas expansion, and ensure they have a strong and unique value proposition to compete against both domestic and regional market players.


Above all, grants like the Capability Development Grant (CDG), and the Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant pay for the bulk of your branding project, boosting the financial capabilities of SMEs to compete against the giants in the marketplace. So, while other businesses stay static during this period, take the chance to strengthen your brand’s fundamentals, so that when the storm passes, you’ll be better equipped to compete and expand domestically and regionally.


If you’re interested in more, contact us to find out your eligibility for the grant. We analyse your business and advise you on what works best.