The Brand Theatre - How to Prevent Your Brand from Failing

The Brand Theatre - Brand Consultancy Singapore


Throughout our entire brand consultancy experience, we have found that some brands succeed and others don’t, which led us to beg the question:


Why do brands fail?


We then came up with five comprehensive reasons why they do.


Use these reasons below as lessons to overcome the challenges your brand faces:


No Target in Place
Without an overarching brand architecture, there is no big picture to direct aims towards.


Firing in the Dark
Lack of research and on-ground insight leads to poor understanding of the audience’s wants and needs.


Uneven Messaging
Inconsistent marketing thrives without a set of guidelines in place and a concrete vision in place.


They say, we say
Internal departments across functions speak a different language, which means a lack of alignment to the brand’s core values.


Internal Culture is Dead
Lack of a good work environment makes employees dread coming to work, which leads to low morale and lower productivity.