A reckless driver drives a car with confidence, making him king of the road but meets an unfortunate accident. Imagine if this reckless driver is your employee and the car he/she is driving is YOUR BRAND. You would think- WHY is this employee driving my brand badly? WHY…WHY DID I HIRE THIS PERSON?


Yes, while it is true that HRD can filter these, it also is about your EMPLOYER BRAND. Your employer branding is what attracts and deflects prospects who can potentially be great assets. This ensures that:


Your employees STAY. They are not like the bad drivers who are just in for the thrill, they actually want to work for you and your brand’s goals.


They are professionals who will always deliver.


They invest time in their personal growth and development.


They always deliver.


Here are THREE important things you should work on when you are building your Employer Branding:




Pretty basic, right? But you see, most of the times the basic ones are the ones being ignored. This is not something that will “come out naturally” in the end, this first thing is the BASIC- meaning there is no point going to the next numbers without going through research and proper audit!




Constant communication eventually builds connection that leads to trust and loyalty. A consistent message aligns the employees and helps in building respect for the company’s time and efforts.




Activities such as training, workshops and milestone rewards are always looked forward to by employees. Not only do these mean a break from work, but engaging employees is a way to show that their contributions are valued, recognised and their efforts pay off. Training and workshops tell them you are entrusting your success to their growth and development.


Remember the reckless driver? You wouldn’t attract such with a good employer brand, and he/she wouldn’t think that being reckless will get him into your organisation. Such respect and brand nobility are only achieved when you invest in your employer branding.