For any company, the need to have the advice of a brand agency is essential. And the reason is simple, they will help to get visibility and customers in an accelerated world, where the competition is getting bigger.


Let’s review the 7 keys that will help you make the best decision when choosing a branding agency to which you will deposit your trust.




  1. Speak The Same Language

Before you start talking, you have to make sure you can speak the same language. It will not help to have the help of an agency that does not understand our tone and ways of communication. If you are looking to reach a very young or more adult audience, or maybe you need to reach certain very specific segments to do branding, it is essential to make sure that the agency with which you evaluate work has the capacity to reach that target.




  1. Having Defined What You Are Looking For

This second point is essential. Every search responds to a need. The best way to approach a decision to hire an advertising agency will be to confirm your capacity through your client portfolio, obtained acknowledgments or research available information about the option to hire. Remember that, in case of making the wrong decision, it could translate into a very bad investment of time and money.


A practical example: if what you are looking for is a presence in the media or a branding strategy, consult what your main achievements have been in this task, and how they would put it into practice with your business.




  1. Know Your Culture

We refer more than anything to understand how they work. If they are very structured or respond to contingencies during weekends or holidays, understand if there will be an account manager or how they use technology to benefit their clients and work team. Simple questions like these will help us understand the type of company that is being considered for hire.


Knowing the culture of who is behind the desk will always be positive. It will be much easier to gain understanding and receive a better job.




  1. That You Have Worked In The Same Area (or similar)

It may seem silly, but it is not. And the reason is simple: if you have experience in the field, the adaptation process will be quick. They will have proven tools that can be applied to obtain short-term results; otherwise, you will have to familiarize yourself, which could mean delays and trips that could be avoided.


From this point, another one that we would like to touch is revealed. What happens if our competitors (or a potential competitor) are among the current customers? This would be disastrous! In no case we recommend it. The energies must be for you, and not divide them. In addition to being unethical. On the contrary, if there are customers that can nourish your business, it can be an excellent opportunity to generate links. A symbiosis where both parties help each other.


An example: your business is made of wool, and the agency has been advising in branding for a magazine for years to do fairs of fashion and clothing supplies. Here is an opportunity to create links! And the agency is the channel to achieve it.


For this reason, we advise seeing the portfolio of clients that manage as an advertising agency. That you will not forget. It’s very important.




  1. The Cost

Here we want to make a reservation. When we talk about the cost we do not just think about investment aspects. It is also important to consider aspects such as time, and energy. The idea is to optimize and be efficient with the resources to use, that there are no situations that involve unnecessary waste, and that result in a much higher final cost when considering only the monetary aspect.




  1. Digital Experience

Nowadays, digital media are essential when marketing strategies. For this reason, the experience of an Internet agency must be very important when making the decision to work with them. Either in matters related to the creation and administration of a website, correct handling of the various social networks used by most people, and the use of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which is related to the advertising that appears next to the results in digital search engines like Google or Bing.




  1. Knowledge In Inbound Marketing

If you are not familiar with the term, we explain it to you: broadly speaking, it consists of focusing marketing campaigns with quality content, with which you can educate the user, gain their trust, and find that, through segmentation and strategy adequate, become our client. With the increase in the use of Adblockers and the new methodologies and digital tendencies, this type of strategy has been seen as fundamental for any company that seeks to grow and increase its sales over time.


As we have reviewed, there are several factors to take into account when looking for trademark agencies for companies. Finding the perfect brand agency and successful advertising strategies is not easy. The important thing is to take the time to properly evaluate the different capacities they have and see how they adapt to the needs of the business.


On the other hand, it will always be valuable, that from the beginning all the responsibilities and commitments on the part of the specialist study that is being evaluated will be defined in writing, in this way before any contingency or situation not considered, there will be an official document, where The commitments that were acquired will be detailed.