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One of the biggest conflicts when it comes to creating the brand identity of your business is to come up with that idea that represents it perfectly. The brand identity is everything that represents the company, this includes the logo, fonts, colors, stationery, web design, and those elements that make the company unique and different from the rest.


In order to achieve this, the idea must be clear, unique and serve all types of parties where it can be applied. It must transmit a system, and that system adapts to different media and materials, and not only be identified by just wearing a logo. It is necessary to create a system with its own identity to be easily identified by the audience.


In many times, the idea does not come quickly and you have to get to work with all the tools you have. It requires exploring the environment, observing the people who consume the product or service, observing those predominant colors and visual aromas.


If you do not know where to start, keep these tips in mind:



  • Explore the world

To create a brand identity, it is necessary to inspect the market, analyze where the product will be presented, to whom it is directed, and all its surroundings. For example, when designing the logo of a business, it is necessary to take into account the audience’s’ interest to properly choose the colors, forms, and words.



  • Brainstorming

Without a doubt, brainstorming is very useful when looking for new, creative and innovative ideas. Through this process, we will obtain a variety of words that we can connect and generate relationships that we would hardly imagine. Any concept is valid in this process, there are no judgments in between.



  • Lower it to the ground

After Brainstorming, it is necessary to begin to capture the concepts that emerged. We must achieve that the idea we want to transmit and the elements (logos, images, typography, etc.) merge and coexist with each other. Everything that seems to unravel with the chosen concept, whether it be a decorative detail, color or any piece, should be removed so as not to overload or confuse the audience.



  • Test it with your team

The most important step is to see what reaction it generates in people. That is why it is essential to bring your design to the people around you to get feedback and be able to corroborate if they really see what you wanted to convey. From these tests, you can make the last adjustments to the identity of your business that goes with the market.


This is not an abc of steps that you must follow to get the idea, they are tips that you can incorporate over time so that the brand identity you build can be renewed, adapting to changes and merge with new ideas.



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