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What is Brand Strategy?

A branding strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a solid brand in order to achieve specific objectives. It involves the establishment of values and differentiators with respect to the competition and thus manages to be relevant to its audience.

First, let’s clarify the most misconception about brand strategy:  your brand is not a product, a logo, a website or a name. In fact, your brand is much more than that; it is intangible. However, it is a difficult idea to define what distinguishes powerful brands from those that never succeed.

Reflect on what keeps you loyal to a product, beyond its functions and its price. Brand identity is like the Sun, which with its gravity attracts and forms a system.


Importance to Have a Branding Strategy

These are the 5 main reasons why you should have a brand strategy:

Create Emotional Bonds: The most quantifiable aspects of a product can attract a customer for the first time and may hold it for a while, but only one aspect like the brand can create extraordinary emotions that involve long-term fidelity.

Promote the Association of Ideas:  Even what is not your brand, can advertise you. Many people ask to see any drink “Is there Coca-Cola?”

It Makes a Difference:  There will always be competition, but a strong brand is what gives people the confidence to solve their needs. Thus, you not only offer a product but an experience related to the identification of those who make up your audience.

Focus the Objectives: Innovation is necessary, but also remain constant on the same path. By knowing what your brand is, what it offers and how, you will create better goals and promote the right decisions.

It Supports the Marketing Strategy: Last, and not least, is that marketing arises from the brand and its audience, so it is something that you should form from the beginning.


5 Steps for Creating Your Own Brand Strategy

The term branding refers to the process of building the image of a brand. It consists of developing a set of attributes and values for a brand so that they are perceived as unique and consistent by consumers.

A branding strategy helps create prestige associated with the value of the brand’s products or services. Here are five steps to ensure a successful branding strategy:

  1. Define the Objective of the Brand

The first step in developing an effective branding strategy is to know where you are going and what you intend to achieve. Defining the mission, value, and scope of the brand, as well as asking what the target audience is and what it can offer its customers, are the main questions that must be asked, before starting to work.

  1. Create an Identity

Designing the logo, the colors it will use, the typography and choosing a good name for a brand, are key elements to build a good perception of the brand among its consumers.

  1. Consolidate a Consumer Experience

Offering excitement to the consumer is an effective strategy to achieve customer loyalty but requires clarity and commitment from the brand.

  1. Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

In such a competitive market, the only alternative is to differentiate. Therefore, it is vital that brands develop characteristics that make them different from their competition and link directly to their target.

  1. Get More Credibility and Prestige

The constant concern for a brand to maintain direct contact with its customers. Since communication generates transparency and trust.

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